To Replace or Not to Replace Apple Graphic Card

a picture of an apple with a graphic card photoshopped into it

We recently came across a forum where a user was asking the community whether they should replace their iMac video card or get a new Apple computers.

First off, we’re intrigued that this person has been using his 2011 27 inch iMac for a quite a while, especially since he put so much into it (i7 processor, 2GB video card, 16GB ram, Internal 1TB SSD). The community seemed to give him the advice he was seeking, but we wanted help out others in a similar situation. Our advice is to keep the beast of a computer and replace the video card, of course we’re a little biased towards this, since this is the reason why we stay in business. However, biased or not, there is a reason why so many people in the entertainment industry use Apple computers; it’s simple they are reliable. But even the most reliable machines fail, this is where we come in.

Before throwing out the “old” and spending crazy amount of money buying the “new” consider getting the replacement parts. There are many stores like that sell apple computer parts. Then, if you are tech savvy, try replacing the graphic card yourself; sometimes a quick Google search will find you the right how-to. You could be saving a lot of money by following those two steps.

Now, if you are having trouble finding the right graphic card, explore our website, we care many apple graphic cards and apple computer displays/LCD screens. To make it easier for our visitors, you can search for a part by computer or by the category of parts such as graphics cards. Lastly, if you are not sure how to install a new graphic card or any part for that matter, we would be happy to help you with the install as well.

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