purchase order

Purchase Order

applevtech.com accepts purchase order only from qualified schools with an active account created on our website. In order to check the eligibility, we strongly recommending our customers to contact us prior to placing the order(s).

To obtain a Purchase order number please contact us:

  • By phone number ——————————– 1(818) 293-3226
  • By email —————————————— applevtech@gmail.com
  • By visiting this page on our website at https://applevtech.com/contact-us

General Information:

  •          Payment Term:  Net 15
  •          Accepted forms of payment: School Check, Credit Card, and PayPal.
  •          Make sure the purchase order clearly indicates the billing address and the shipping address for your order, along with any additional instructions and delivery deadlines.
  •          If you include an email address with your purchase order, we will forward a receipt/confirmation to the provided email address, which will confirm your purchase order and its current status. This will also allow you to check/confirm the accuracy of your order.