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We are your one-stop destination for computer, tablet and smartphone repair in Sunland, CA !
AppleVTech provides effective an affordable solutions on a wide range of platforms including Smartphones, Laptops, Desktop Computers and Servers. Our technicians are specialized in PC and Mac repair and can provide network and server support to all valued customers across southern California.

For a Flat Rate of $75.00 .we fully test and diagnose your machine and provide you with repair solutions on an affordable and highly competitive rate.

Our Services Include :

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Mail-in Repair Service

Don’t Have the time to Stop by our Location ? Are you far away from our store?
Just ask about our fast and reliable Mail-in Repair service. All you need to do is to contact and arrange your shipment with us.
All repairs and services are backed by our 60-Days Warranty and  return Shipping is always Free! 
Give us a call or fill out the form below to start your repair today! 

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Email: [email protected]
Phone: (818) 293-3226



Mail-in Repair Services
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